Ok I'm not much in the kitchen but my latest addiction to has inspired me to try more in the kitchen. And today's venture was definitely a winner winner chicken dinner!!! I made BBQ-Beer Chicken.
Sound delish?? It is I'm full of it right now :)
And it was soooo easy!!! I used a bag of frozen chicken (approx 3lbs), a bottle of Jack Daniels BBQ Sauce and a 12 oz can of beer. 
You could probably use your favorite BBQ sauce and beer. I used a keystone (cringe) it was the only beer left in the fridge.
Anyway I put all the ingredients in the crockpot and let it cook for about 4 hours. I put the chicken in frozen (I love LOVE this because I'm always forgetting to defrost :P). I also added some garlic powder and cayenne pepper. (Next time I think I might season it more...I'm a spicy girl ;)

After the chicken was cooked I removed each breast and shredded them, then added them back to the sauce.

 I let the shredded chicken soak for another couple of hours. Then I was stumped on how to eat it. I knew I could do the traditional chicken but I wanted something different. So I decided to back a potato and add it with a little cheese on top.

Talk about YUM-EEEEE!!!
I poured the extra sauce on top and OMG it was uh-MAZ-ing!!! I even baked a few more potatoes and shared with my friend and her daughters. She LOVED it (I think mostly because she didn't have to cook).
I'm totally proud of my first cooking venture and it will definitely be a repeat dish at my house!!

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