On the Road Again

Man that's hokey! Ha! But its true. Since I live in Imperial I feel like I'm on the road all the time!

For those who don't know (ahem that'd probably be everyone :) Imperial is a tiny town in the middle of nowhere!! It takes at least 30 mins to get anywhere that has anything going on. I wish i was kidding!

But today I'm not just on the road to run errands or do something normal....I'm on the road to FUN!

(Ha ok that will be my last bit of corniness I promise ;)

Clint and I are headed to Ft. Worth to spend some time and New Years Eve with his best friend and his wife. I'm WAY excited because its been forever since we've seen either of them plus getting out of West TX is always fun. Don't get me wrong I love it here but shopping is some much better in bigger cities!!

So here we go to have a little fun and get outta town...who doesn't love that?

I'm a BIG KID now

So its Christmas break, if I haven't said that enough ;) I've been busy getting Christmas presents, cleaning, unpacking, decorating and settling into my house. Soooo exciting!!

As I do all this I can't feeling a little different. I finally feel like I'm a gulp dare I say grown up?!?! I should be happy with this right??

Don't get me wrong I am extremely happy! I have an amazing boyfriend, an amazing family (his and mine) and finally a career I can thrive in. As hard as I've worked through the past couple of years to get to this point its a little hard to swallow. I'm actually doing it for real!

I just can't help missing my old life a little. I miss sleeping all day after fun crazy nights with my girls. I miss blowing off some of responsibilities to have some fun!

Maybe part of my problem is being so far from my friends. Our lives are all going in different directions and its hard. My bestest best friend is finishing out grad-shool and has embarked on her DREAM job. She seems single and free and happy. Its hard for me not being a part of that.

IDK maybe I'm going through a mid-twenties crisis?!?! Haha probably not. I shouldn't complain because even though I miss the old I couldn't be happier in my new life!! Its just hard to grow up I guess

Tacky Sweater Party

I finally got to participate in one of the newest trends...a tacky sweater party!! Clint's sister Crissy hosted one last night and we had a blast!

Clint's mom custom made ours and in my partial opinion we had the tackiest! But we were all VERY tacky!!

Me and Clint before the party! (His stockings even have our names :)

All the boys at the party. Seeing them in the sweaters was the best!!

Gingerbread Houses

So here is what I promised! Buena Vista 4th grade gingerbread houses!!

They're definetely not works of art but they are tried and true done by children! I am so proud you don't even know! For my students when it starts to get hard they usually get frustrated and quit, but with the gingerbread houses they plugged along on this new adventure. Of course, they did really great!!

As you all know I'm a poor teacher so we had to do these houses on a budget. Instead of the traditional gingerbread we used graham crackers.
I know I know, thats totally not as much fun as the real deal. I caught alot of flack from the other teachers but you have to understand I am NOT a baker at all!!! Plus balancing all of my other work plus that just wasn't going to work. So in my opinion if you wanna cheat a little cheat!!

The crackers worked great because if they broke we had plenty of back up right then and there! I did however make all of the icing homemade!! Which was an adventure in itself!! I had to find time in my conference or lunch to make it so it would be fresh for that day. The icing recipe is simple though:

2 jumbo egg whites
2 2/3  cups powdered sugar

Combine 1 1/3 cup sugar with the egg whites. Stir until smooth. Add remaining 1 1/3 cup and beat on high until icing stands in peaks.

Pretty simple just a little messy :)

I would also tweak the recipe to make bigger batches for more people so adjust how you feel best.

It was definetly a fun experience and every student coming up can't wait to be in my class just to make them :o

So for everyone out there be a little adventure and just do it! :)

Out of the Loop

I've been completely out of the loop lately. For anyone who doesn't know being a teacher from Thanksgiving to Christmas break is horrible hard work!!

Its non-stop go go go!! Between lessons, grades, Christmas programs, parties and the insane sugar HIGHS there's hardly time for anything else!!

Thankfully I can see a light at the end of the tunnel!

Christmas break officially starts at 1:00pm today!


Am I a completely horrible teacher because I'm pratically salivating for a break??

Oh well, I love my students but it has been non-stop madness here! We've made gingerbread houses (pics coming later), sang beautifully in the Christmas program and partied our little hearts out!! So its time for all of us to recover :)

I'll post lots of pics of our fun soon, promise!!

For my break I will be painting, un-packing (yes I know I'm a slacker ;) and nesting. Hopefully I will finally be making my little house my home.

Stay tuned!!


Today my thanks will be short and sweet and to the point :)

I'm so thankful to be a Texan!! I could go on and on about all the great things about Texas but I'll only say one its "God's Country"!!

I love Christmas! We have lots of things cookin' around the school and now I get to be a part of Craftaholics Anonymous's Gift Exchange! Seriously I'm so glad I found her blog! (Thank you Alayna The Life of a Farmer's Wife!!)

Its so easy and simple plus who doesn't love a great gift?? Especially one that has been crafted just for you!!

So visit Craftaholics Anonymous and get signed up ASAP!!! Sign up ends tonight!!


Today on Veteran's Day I am very thankful to all the troops who have fought in the past, present and those who will fight in the future. They make freedom and safety in our country possible. So thank you to the men and women who put their lifes on the line to protect us!!


I have to say its such a great thing to watch my kids daily think of what they are thankful for. I hope I can get a pic up soon of our tree of thanks because the leaves are multiplying fast and soon they're going to start falling :)

So today I am thankful for Imperial. It would totally sound crazy to anyone else who has ever lived or visited here! But it has brought me some good times and a great place to live. Living here has taken me back to living in a small town and everything that entails...lol.
I love that everyone knows your name and pretty much everything about you. I like that its just a comfy place where you cann feel safe and happy. It has also helped me make some amazing friends!!

So thank you Lord for bringing me to Imperial, TX!!


Today I'm very very thankful for my grandmother aka Grammy.

She has been there for me in so many amazing ways. Since my dad passed away she has taken on the role of "father" in mine and my sisters life. She is always there to encourage me and help me when I need her the most.
I also look up to her because she is one of the sweetest, strongest Christian ladies I know.
So thank you Lord for giving me such an AMAZING grandmother!


Today I am very grateful for my students. I'm so lucky to have such an amazing group of young people to teach.

I started th school year with what I called my "Great 8". Now they are my "7 Heaven". They are just a great group to have in my first year of teaching. I'm really lucky and blessed to have them. They try hard and they really like me as a teacher. Together we make a great team.
So thank you Lord for giving me my wonderful "7 Heaven"!!


Honestly I know it may seem that my "thanks" are getting more and more frivolous, but I'm trying to think of what I am honestly thankful for. So today after 2 wks of being sick and a wk of being well I'm very grateful for the weekend. Because this was one of the first weekends in a while I didn't feel like I wasted. That to me is what weekends are for to get the things you want done not the things you need done.
Weeks are for the neccessary, weekends are for fun! So this weekend I got my backyard fence put up FINALLY!! (Thanks to Tara and co who helped!!) I got to karaoke with great friends!! I also got to see my love two days in one week!! Sounds crazy but it hasn't happened much lately. I also got papers graded and more of my house painted and settled.
I had a productive weekend :)
So thank you Lord for making weekends!!

Today I'm soo thankful for karaoke!! It sounds crazy but it's a fun thing that brings all my friends together :)


Today I'm thankful for my freedom.

I'm thankful I have a choice in everything I do. I'm also thankful I have rights. I can go to church where I want, I can drive the car I want and I can vote. And even though I'm not always happy with who's in office or the decisions they make, I'm thankfulo I have a choice to change it. So thank you Lord for my freedom.


I'm very thankful for

I am blessed to have my faith. The Lord has seen me through many many many trying times in my life. If I didn't have a strong faith in Him I don't know where I would be today. So thank you Lord for living in me :)


Today as I'm starting to recover from whatever it was that I had I realized I'm very lucky to be healthy. So today my blessing of thanks is health.

There are so many people who struggle with cancer, unknown diseases and sicknesses that make life harder to live. I'm thankful that other than the occasional cold or flu I'm healthy! So thank you Lord so much for my health!


Since this month is November my class is focusing on things we are thankful for. So I decided to also give thanks via my blog. Each day I will have a new post for the blessings in my life.

Yes I consider them blessings. Every good thing in my life is a blessing from the Lord above. He did not have to give me a wonderful and amazing life but he did! I'm thankful everyday for it!

Yesterday was obviously about my friends/family the Edwards family. I'm so blessed to have them in my life!

So here's one of the blessings in my life I'm thankful for:

A teaching job!

I am very blessed just to have a job. I struggled for a long time without one, so I am very thankful just to have one. But teaching has affected my life in so many different ways. It has changed me in many ways also. I'm thankful for the school, children and other teachers I teach with!


Ok here it comes...

I haven't had one in awhile...

but I can't help myself!!

Its such a Monday. I've had such a day. First of all, I've been sick pretty much since I moved to Imperial. I just can't seem to get well and since I'm a busybody it just kills me to be sick! It totally slows me down!! To make things worse I can't seem to figure out why and how to cure it! I have no clue if its allergies, the weather or the fact that I'm around my germy (I love em but its a fact) kids.

So here it is Monday and I've been sick for roughly 2 months and I'm tired. To add to it yesterday was Halloween. So today my kids have caught the after Halloween buzz.

Seriously, its a real disorder. They're hyper and can't sit still for anything! They want to chatter and can't seem to focus on any type of work whatsoever! Its craziness in my classroom today.

I really do enjoy my job and my students please don't get me wrong. But today I would rather be anywhere but here!!


I'm so lucky to have friends that are like family to me. The most recent addition to my family is the Edwards family.

Tara and I have met through BVISD where we both teach and we became best friends. She has two beautiful daughters

Last night I got to trick or treat with them. They were the cutest bumblebee and butterfly ever ;) I'm so lucky to have met Tara, she's my best friend and she's always there when I need her the most. I don't think I would have survived the last few months without her. Kiran and Kamryn are just icing on the cake of our friendship!

Here are some pics I took before we went out for candy!


Its Halloween at Buena Vista! The halls are filled with ninja's, butterflys, witches, fairies and more!! My class is definetely cute!

We finished our scarecrow Leonard Longhorn for the scarecrow contest and I'm really proud. You can tell he was made by my fourth graders but he still looks really cute. Everyone in the school that participated won, so two people from each class get to throw pies at Mr. Birdwell (woo hoo!!) But I was told by the judges that our class would have won hands down :)))

Here's a pic with the class

Me and my best friends Tara, her daughter Kiran, and Rhonda aka my partners in crime!!

Happy Halloween Y'all!!

The Diarly Of A First Year Teacher

Chapter 1

My journey to becoming a teacher wasn’t an easy one. I graduated from college in December 2008 with an Animal Science degree. Now I know what you’re saying to yourself, “Animal Science?! What do you do with that?” It is a question I got many, many times! The true answer is “I have no idea!”
Originally, when I started college I decided on agriculture because I had a passion for it. I was raised in a town where it was completely normal to like it. (I know it sounds strange to the rest of the world but its true!) I had a desire to be a County Agent and work with children promoting Agriculture Education. There was no talking me out of it, that’s what my degree was going to be. Although I had a blast in college and I value the education I received it really didn’t work out for me in the “real world”. To begin with I graduated in one of the toughest economic times, so it was very difficult to find any sort of job. To top that off I’m a female and as backwards as it may sound there aren’t many spots for women in agriculture or at least not ones I was willing to fill.
My best friend Lacey, who graduated with me, faced the same dilemma. In January 2009, she began working through iTeachTexas an online Alternative Certification program for people who want to become teachers. In the back of my mind as she worked I felt the pull to enter the program as well. I kept having flashbacks to high school when everyone would tell me that I should be a teacher.
Now, you need to know something about me. I grew up in the tiny (and I mean TINY) town of Sterling City, Texas. I watched kids grow up and graduate, marry their high school sweethearts and settle down. While this was not the norm for everyone, it was for most and I was petrified to turn into one of “them”. I craved a life outside of Sterling City. I wanted a career that could take me anywhere but there. So the dream of being a teacher, settling down with a hubby, having kids and living on our little ranch just wasn’t something I could chase. However, in the back of my mind I always knew it was something I would enjoy.
I LOVE children and I really enjoy teaching. Not just children but anytime I can help anyone out and show them something new it just makes me feel so accomplished. So in April 2010, I began my teaching career. Now, I could bore you with all the details of iTeachTexas but trust me we’ll get to that later. I’ll just start with where the journey really begins.
Buena Vista I.S.D. Imperial, TX

Its been a crazy, wild ride and its only just begun so stay tuned to see what happens next!

Wedding Madness

This weekend I headed to east to watch my cousin Ashley get married. I was a little bummed because Clint couldn't come, but super excited cause all my family would be there. I got to see my mom :)

And all the rest of the gang. Ashley was a gorgeous bride and the wedding was at a beautiful vineyard. And you know what a wedding at a vineyard means....lots of drinking!! I had some of the best wine I've ever had and I'll definetely be dragging Clint back again ;)

We had fun catching up and dancing the night away. It was a short trip but definetely a blast!!

New Blog....YAY!!!

Ok so we're up and running with the new blog!! Its so cute Alayna did such a great job!! I still have to figure everything out on it but hopefully that won't take too long!!

I hope to keep school stuff updated with info for other teachers and post all craft things that Tina and I work on. So keep checking back!!

(2 of 2) Manda's blog will be under construction. But stay tuned for the new improved blog :)
(1 of 2) This is my first attempt at a mobile blog :) I'm workin on changing up my blog and being more loyal to blogging. So for the next couple of weeks

Boys Will Be Boys

Lately I have been in a total drama storm with my best friend. Now let me say this I love her as I love all my friends and I sincerely value the fact that I am the person they call when they need advice and a good talkin to!! But this one has been a total mess.

Ok lemme give you the scoop. She's been dating this guy since October. They've had a 6 yr history before that (but thats another story in itself). Anyways throughout the last 8 well I guess almost 9 months his calls have been sporadic at best. The time they spend together would make you think she reminds him of the dentist. My best friend has faithfully stood by him because she loves him.

Ok I get that. I've dealt with some really crappy stuff because I loved somebody. During the school year it was ok because she was working and she had distraction. But throughout the summer she has noticed the relationship they have isn't all roses and sunshine.

For example they were supposed to hang out on 4th of July weekend. She called to confirm there plans and he gave her a slight blow off and said he'd call her back later. Four hours later she still hadn't heard from him. She cried herself to sleep and spent the whole weekend wondering if he would call. At the end of the weekend she found out through her friend who is dating his best friend that he went to the lake without her!!!

This is where she decided to put her foot down. She didn't call of text him for a week. But seriously this is normal for them so how was he supposed to know anything was up. I politely reminded her that she needed to talk to him. Her excuse was that she didn't want to seem like a bitch. Like she was trying to rule his life or tell him what to do.

Ok now my soapbox. I have dated alot of guys. I have been in serveral toxic but very serious relationships and I've learned a thing or two. Guys are definetly black and white. There is not middle ground for them. When you say something to them they don't sit and wonder if there was a hidden meaning behind it. Basically men are pigs!! ha!

But in full disclosure that's why we like em girls. They aren't like us. They don't sit around talking about they're relationships with each other. They talk about sports, cars, guns, beer and other manly things. Sounds crazy but its true. Soooo how are you supposed to deal with the fact that they aren't thinking about you all the time?? You just accept it. Seriously. Thats just how they are. Sorry, I can't change it.

However, you don't have to let them treat you like crap. That should never be accepted. But realize this when they say something they don't think about how you might have taken it the wrong way. I know crazy right??? You have to let them know when your feelings are hurt. Cause unless your displaying the obvious sign of tears (and trust me that really freaks most guys out) they won't know it.

But they should listen to what you say and how you feel. And if they really have a pair they will do something to make it better. Now it might not be right away, some guys are extremely stubborn. But you will see results eventually.

Let me give you another piece of advice. This one I have learned through years and years and years of letting people take advantage of me. No one can hurt you unless you let them. You have to grow a tough skin and stand your ground. If you let them have power over your emotions they will. Now I know its easier said than done but it can be done. I do it everyday.

Cause like I said guys are kinda dense. You get what you see most the time. But if your clear on what you want in the relationship then it should be a very good relationship. Now if you tell him and he refuses dump him. It doesn't matter how much you love him or vice versus someone who loves you should do everything in their power not to hurt you. Its as simple as that.

Sweeeet Summa Time

Wow!! So many things have happened!! This summer is almost over...tear!! But it has been amazing!!

First I took my teaching certification test in June and I passed!!!!!

Yup I am now a certified teacher :)

This was amazing!! I was perfectly happy with just the fact that I passed and I wouldn't have to endure the test again. (It wasn't that bad I don't wanna scare anyone...I'm just a major stresser!!)

For months leading up to my decision to go into teaching I had been told the chances of actually getting a job weren't good. So I had accepted the fact that I probably wouldn't be teaching next year.

Then I found it....my dream teaching job!!

The announcement for the job talked about small town living and I jumped on it!! A fourth grade teaching position at a tiny district called Buena Vista. I hade never even heard of it but I wanted it!!

I immediately emailed the superintendent hoping I was getting to it soon enough. After imagining myself in the job all weekend long he called me back for an interview!!

So my best friend Lacey and I made the journey to the tiny town of Imperial. I was shown the school, my potential classroom and everything. When I left I wanted it that much more!!

Well good news I got it...kinda!!

My name will be submitted to the school board on the 13th. This is mostly a formality. But I was still trying to hold back on my excitement. Until yesterday when I got a letter informing me of the inservice schedule and the training I would need to complete before school started.

EHHHHH!!! I'm so excited!! I really didn't think I would get a job and definitely not an opportunity like this one!!

I will have a house (a real house with 3 bedrooms haha), a classroom and so many more opportunities than I would in a bigger district.

So I'm plannin plannin. How to decorate my house and my classroom. Also lesson plans and fun things for the first day of school.

I'm ecstatic!!!

Oh yeah if you have any suggestions or want to help let me know!! I'm having a garage sale next Saturday the 17th. I will be moving shortly after and starting to decorate my classroom. The theme is Texas so if you have any ideas let me know!!

Thanks :)


Isn't it funny how no matter how old you are you are still learning??

I've had a humbling experience lately. I've had to go back to work as a waitress. Now to some people I know its not really a big deal but to me it is!! I'm almost 24 and I have my bachelor's degree doesn't that mean I should have a big fancy job somewhere?!?!

Apparently not!!

But I guess its an ok thing it shows I'm willing to do what it takes to take care of my self. Still at least once in my life it'd be nice if there was someone (like my parents) who took care of all my money things so I could focus on school.

Yup thats another thing I'm back in school!! YAY! ha ya right!

Well its not full blown school its iTeachTexas, an online program that is going to help prepare me to get my teaching cerftification. Its really not that bad, kinda common sense stuff but I'm learning alot. Actually the biggest thing that I've learned is that I really want to teach.

Now I know your probably thinking "Um I hope you knew that before you did this thing!!" Well I didn't, not really. I knew I'd be good at it cause I like kids and I taught in a church and loved it. But actually being in a classroom all the time kinda freaked me out. Plus I've heard tons of horror stories from friends who are teachers.

My whole life people pushed me to teach but every girl in my graduating class wanted to be a teacher. I wanted to do something fun and exciting with my life (I'm still holding out for Nashville to call ;)

But the more I do my coursework the more I see I want to be a teacher. I love to be in charge...who doesn't?? And I love helping people learn new things. I can't wait to decorate my classroom and come up with all kinds of new and exciting games for my kids :)

I know its going to be hard work but I'm enjoying the learning process. I can't wait!! So keep your fingers crosse that I get me that job!!!


Its a rare rainy day here in west Texas. Rain always makes me think of God and blessings.

I'm not sure maybe because it happens so rarely around here. When it finally does the land is so parched it just makes you feel so thankful.

I think life is sometimes that way. I was listening to my radio while i was getting ready and a Luke Bryan song came on about rain. He was talking about being from the country and how we appreciate it more that people in the city because we have so much more at stake. It was all funny and light hearted but it made me think.

Rain is kind of like the low points in a Christians life. When you hit that wall or face major tragedy in your life you can't help but look around at all the good things God has blessed you with.

Its like the rain, makes your pants soggy and messes up your hair you just can't help but smile cause it smells so good and everything seems calmer.

Even when your crying your eyes out you cling to the special people in your life or your health and lift up praises to Him for giving you a silver lining.

Sorrow is temporary and remember behind those clouds is Sonshine :)

Tone Deaf

Ok this blog has been inspired by a convo with my very bestest friend K-Hud. But I assure you its been building for quite awhile.

As previously addressed I've been all about music for as long as I can remember. And lately (well always but its just grown lately) there have been many many artists to come out who are....how should I put this....less that musically talented. I mean they can sing I guess but the quality is not so great.

Now I'm not an idiot I know you can do alot in a recording studio and through the editting process. But why would labels want a less than great product??

Case in point Taylor Swift. I'm not trying to dog her (although I'm not a fan) but she has been critisized on numerous occasions for her inability to sing live and be on key, most recently at the Grammy's. We're talking about someone who has won numerous awards for her songs and sold millions and millions of albums. I will admit she can write a damn good song (personal taste aside). But still is she really worthy of all those awards when her vocal talent is not??

To add fuel to my fire Timbaland was on Kidd Kraddick (yes I'm addicted...I told you I'm a music freak :) in the morning talking about the awards shows and how they're going to people who don't exactly deserve them. He even said that country music is one of the greatest music outlets because you can touch people with your songs. Its about the song and the vocal quality and being on point all the time.

I strongly agree with him. I listen to all kinds of music and love them all. But for me country is so much more than that...its a way to get your point of view heard.

Ok back on topic. I just don't understand how people can walk around listening to people who literally make me want to pull my ears off?? Don't they know its not good?? Why do we support this?? Why are we settling for something less??

There are plenty of artists out there who are damn good vocally. I just wonder if the majority of people are tone deaf or is it simply because its a good song so they just listen regardless.

Music and Politics

On Facebook the new thing is to put a status comment up to make you change your profile picture (in case you are living under a rock and are without a FB!!) They put things up like throw-back week and wedding pics....etc. Today it was put up someone famous (singer, athlete, actor) you've been told you look like.

I'm a sucker and I like to play along so I tried to think of who I'd been told I look like. The only one who came to mind was Natalie Maines from the Dixie Chicks. Which I thought was crazy cause I'm constantly getting told that I look familure to people. I've pretty much decided I just must have one of those plain common faces that looks similar to alot of people.

Anyways I posted this....

Ok so I was told this back in 05...not long after the Chicks were in their hay-day. Back then I didn't really mind it. I fell in love with the Chicks way before Wide Open Spaces which is when most of the world fell for em.

Now I have to insert this now: I'm a total music fanatic. I have been singing since I was 2. I'm music obsessed. I have an opinion about pretty much everything that touches my ears. I will stress that it is an OPINION!! I know I'm not an expert, but I have more experience than most and I do feel at least half of the world is walking around tone deaf. Anyways that's not really the point of this I just thought I'd throw it in for those who don't know. :)

Ok back to the point....

I was a HUGE fan for many many years. I followed there sucess I wanted to be in a girl group just like them.

Then the bomb dropped. Yup Natalie opened her mouth. And my support of them completely ended.

Who would say something like that?? Who would diss their President in front of a huge crowd not even in the same country??

Natalie Maines that's who. I like other ppl boycotted their music.

Now I wasn't an over-the-top boycotter. I just stopped listening and buying their cd's.

I have seldom thought of them over the years. But today they were brought to my attention again. Now I didn't really want to post the picture cause I knew everyone had a negative association with them. I didn't want to seem like a supporter. But they haven't been heard from in a while so who cares right??

Well I googled her just to see what she had been up too. Pictures of her with a GI Jane style hair cut were found. (I'm not really a fan but I have a preference for long...lol) I found sites were people dog her and people praise her.

And the more I thought about it the more I have come to the conclusion of who really gives a CRAP?!?!?!

Now I know at this point you're probably thinking well you do!! I know I've been talking about it the whole blog but this is my point. Who cares what she said 5 yrs or more ago?? Who really cares about her opinion at all?? She's out there to make music not politics. Now I'm not saying I agree with her. Obviously I don't but she's not the one in the White House making the decisions so I'm not really that bothered by it.

Which brings me to the topic of "Hollywood" and those associated with it coming out in support of different politicians. I watch their movies and buy their cds but I'm not looking for their opinions on politics...at all...PERIOD!!

Sure they are more than intitled to have it. That's why I blog cause I have a voice and I like to use it. But just because they support one person or issue doesn't mean I'm going to start.

People these days are way to easily swayed but famous people. We live in a total "monkey see monkey do" culture. Children see the celebrities and what they wear and they jump on the band wagon. I just don't feel that a famous person is a reliable source when it comes to politics. Sure if they can produce a government or political science degree I'll probably listen but until then they can speak it all they want but we shouldn't put much value in it.

Everyone has an opinion about everything. Its that simple. From your average Joe Blow to the Queen of Pop. Some don't feel the need to share it...ever. While others (ahem myself included) feel like throwing it out there from time to time...or always...um yeah. Lol

But just because they have a grammy or academy award doesn't give it anymore validity than mine.

Our nation needs to start looking hard and long at our political leaders in front of us. Not the celebrities. And I'm not just talking about those stirring our scandals. We need to listen to what they ALL say. If there was more time spent watching Fox News and other shows devoted to "true" news as well as magazines and newspapers as there was to E! News, People, Us and Ok...maybe we wouldn't get caught up in all these scandals and really really see the REAL issues our nation is facing.

And possibly just possibly we won't worry next time a celebrity blows off their mouth!

Love It or Hate It

Ok. Today's topic: (drum roll please)


Now I will warn you I am no expert by any means. However, I've been through alot shit in my small span on this world so I feel qualified.

First of all I have learned that now matter what your dreams/goals/hopes for your life may be it is probably going to end up coming out different. My advice for you, suck it up!! Yes I know that's not what you want to hear but in all honesty, no one does.

For example you planned on going to college, graduating, and getting this AMAZING job. Post-graduation your still stuck in the same low paying job you were in before. Guess what so are alot of people. You can whine and complain about or you can suck it up and move on!! Trust me your way better of doing the second.

The truth of the matter is I look around everyday and see people would rather whine about what they've been given in their life instead of opening their eyes to the many blessings they have been showered with. Yes I do agree it is human nature to always strive for something better. I have no problem with this, but what happened to when life hands you lemons making some freaking lemonaide?? Seriously people get with it!! You can't change the hand you got dealt you just have to roll with it. And let me tell you, your outlook on life will be much better when you learn to suck it up and look on the bright side. (I can hear nods of agreement!!)

Good we're making progress. Now I know that this topic is one of my many 'Amanda Soapbox Preachin Topics'. But today its not about that. Its just about helping people to realize the good things in front of you. So you drive a 1995 POS, if it drives and get you from point A to point B I'd say that's something to be thankful for!! Now I really don't care if you believe in GOD, Buddha, etc. we all now that there is something greater than us controlling this wonderful world we live in. And to my knowledge I have yet to find a single human being that is capable of controlling their own destiny. Of course I'm not saying stop making choices that will make your life better!! I'm just saying slow down every now and then and take a full view of your life. Look at your family and friends. Look at your job and your social life.

Not to shabby huh??

Ode To Blogging

Ok. I have realized that many people in this world blog. I haven't every really truly understood the fascination with it. But lately I've been thinking a blog can be whatever you think correct?? Well I've also been thinking that life in my head is pretty interesting (just ask my friends)! Soo I think I may give the blogging world a try. Who knows I might just dazzle the world with my blogging!! I also should probably put a disclaimer on my blog.

So here it is, and if future bloggers fail to read this I apologize. I am opinionated! Plain and simple. I know I am not always right but this blog is my thoughts and feelings about the world that I live in. Yes I agree that you live here too and your views may be infinetly different but that really doesn't matter much to me. Start your own blog!! My blog is here to entertain the masses, and whether or not we would like to admit it we are entertained daily by the judgments, mistakes, and lives of others. (Its true I can hear you nodding) Heck Hollywood itself is just full of that kind of stuff...but that is another blog for another day.

So this is Amanda Dawn Stallings Blog. Love it or Leave it makes no real difference to me. Also I should add that although I am a college graduate I am a horrible speller. Many mistakes will be made that will probably make spelling bee champs around the world chringe. But you know what?? That's another one of those lovely things that make me....ME!! And I kind of find it endearing.

So watch out bloggers Amanda is here and there is no telling when she is going to go away!! Until next time blog world!!!