Today my thanks will be short and sweet and to the point :)

I'm so thankful to be a Texan!! I could go on and on about all the great things about Texas but I'll only say one its "God's Country"!!

I love Christmas! We have lots of things cookin' around the school and now I get to be a part of Craftaholics Anonymous's Gift Exchange! Seriously I'm so glad I found her blog! (Thank you Alayna The Life of a Farmer's Wife!!)

Its so easy and simple plus who doesn't love a great gift?? Especially one that has been crafted just for you!!

So visit Craftaholics Anonymous and get signed up ASAP!!! Sign up ends tonight!!


Today on Veteran's Day I am very thankful to all the troops who have fought in the past, present and those who will fight in the future. They make freedom and safety in our country possible. So thank you to the men and women who put their lifes on the line to protect us!!


I have to say its such a great thing to watch my kids daily think of what they are thankful for. I hope I can get a pic up soon of our tree of thanks because the leaves are multiplying fast and soon they're going to start falling :)

So today I am thankful for Imperial. It would totally sound crazy to anyone else who has ever lived or visited here! But it has brought me some good times and a great place to live. Living here has taken me back to living in a small town and everything that entails...lol.
I love that everyone knows your name and pretty much everything about you. I like that its just a comfy place where you cann feel safe and happy. It has also helped me make some amazing friends!!

So thank you Lord for bringing me to Imperial, TX!!


Today I'm very very thankful for my grandmother aka Grammy.

She has been there for me in so many amazing ways. Since my dad passed away she has taken on the role of "father" in mine and my sisters life. She is always there to encourage me and help me when I need her the most.
I also look up to her because she is one of the sweetest, strongest Christian ladies I know.
So thank you Lord for giving me such an AMAZING grandmother!


Today I am very grateful for my students. I'm so lucky to have such an amazing group of young people to teach.

I started th school year with what I called my "Great 8". Now they are my "7 Heaven". They are just a great group to have in my first year of teaching. I'm really lucky and blessed to have them. They try hard and they really like me as a teacher. Together we make a great team.
So thank you Lord for giving me my wonderful "7 Heaven"!!


Honestly I know it may seem that my "thanks" are getting more and more frivolous, but I'm trying to think of what I am honestly thankful for. So today after 2 wks of being sick and a wk of being well I'm very grateful for the weekend. Because this was one of the first weekends in a while I didn't feel like I wasted. That to me is what weekends are for to get the things you want done not the things you need done.
Weeks are for the neccessary, weekends are for fun! So this weekend I got my backyard fence put up FINALLY!! (Thanks to Tara and co who helped!!) I got to karaoke with great friends!! I also got to see my love two days in one week!! Sounds crazy but it hasn't happened much lately. I also got papers graded and more of my house painted and settled.
I had a productive weekend :)
So thank you Lord for making weekends!!

Today I'm soo thankful for karaoke!! It sounds crazy but it's a fun thing that brings all my friends together :)


Today I'm thankful for my freedom.

I'm thankful I have a choice in everything I do. I'm also thankful I have rights. I can go to church where I want, I can drive the car I want and I can vote. And even though I'm not always happy with who's in office or the decisions they make, I'm thankfulo I have a choice to change it. So thank you Lord for my freedom.


I'm very thankful for

I am blessed to have my faith. The Lord has seen me through many many many trying times in my life. If I didn't have a strong faith in Him I don't know where I would be today. So thank you Lord for living in me :)


Today as I'm starting to recover from whatever it was that I had I realized I'm very lucky to be healthy. So today my blessing of thanks is health.

There are so many people who struggle with cancer, unknown diseases and sicknesses that make life harder to live. I'm thankful that other than the occasional cold or flu I'm healthy! So thank you Lord so much for my health!


Since this month is November my class is focusing on things we are thankful for. So I decided to also give thanks via my blog. Each day I will have a new post for the blessings in my life.

Yes I consider them blessings. Every good thing in my life is a blessing from the Lord above. He did not have to give me a wonderful and amazing life but he did! I'm thankful everyday for it!

Yesterday was obviously about my friends/family the Edwards family. I'm so blessed to have them in my life!

So here's one of the blessings in my life I'm thankful for:

A teaching job!

I am very blessed just to have a job. I struggled for a long time without one, so I am very thankful just to have one. But teaching has affected my life in so many different ways. It has changed me in many ways also. I'm thankful for the school, children and other teachers I teach with!


Ok here it comes...

I haven't had one in awhile...

but I can't help myself!!

Its such a Monday. I've had such a day. First of all, I've been sick pretty much since I moved to Imperial. I just can't seem to get well and since I'm a busybody it just kills me to be sick! It totally slows me down!! To make things worse I can't seem to figure out why and how to cure it! I have no clue if its allergies, the weather or the fact that I'm around my germy (I love em but its a fact) kids.

So here it is Monday and I've been sick for roughly 2 months and I'm tired. To add to it yesterday was Halloween. So today my kids have caught the after Halloween buzz.

Seriously, its a real disorder. They're hyper and can't sit still for anything! They want to chatter and can't seem to focus on any type of work whatsoever! Its craziness in my classroom today.

I really do enjoy my job and my students please don't get me wrong. But today I would rather be anywhere but here!!


I'm so lucky to have friends that are like family to me. The most recent addition to my family is the Edwards family.

Tara and I have met through BVISD where we both teach and we became best friends. She has two beautiful daughters

Last night I got to trick or treat with them. They were the cutest bumblebee and butterfly ever ;) I'm so lucky to have met Tara, she's my best friend and she's always there when I need her the most. I don't think I would have survived the last few months without her. Kiran and Kamryn are just icing on the cake of our friendship!

Here are some pics I took before we went out for candy!