Music and Politics

On Facebook the new thing is to put a status comment up to make you change your profile picture (in case you are living under a rock and are without a FB!!) They put things up like throw-back week and wedding pics....etc. Today it was put up someone famous (singer, athlete, actor) you've been told you look like.

I'm a sucker and I like to play along so I tried to think of who I'd been told I look like. The only one who came to mind was Natalie Maines from the Dixie Chicks. Which I thought was crazy cause I'm constantly getting told that I look familure to people. I've pretty much decided I just must have one of those plain common faces that looks similar to alot of people.

Anyways I posted this....

Ok so I was told this back in 05...not long after the Chicks were in their hay-day. Back then I didn't really mind it. I fell in love with the Chicks way before Wide Open Spaces which is when most of the world fell for em.

Now I have to insert this now: I'm a total music fanatic. I have been singing since I was 2. I'm music obsessed. I have an opinion about pretty much everything that touches my ears. I will stress that it is an OPINION!! I know I'm not an expert, but I have more experience than most and I do feel at least half of the world is walking around tone deaf. Anyways that's not really the point of this I just thought I'd throw it in for those who don't know. :)

Ok back to the point....

I was a HUGE fan for many many years. I followed there sucess I wanted to be in a girl group just like them.

Then the bomb dropped. Yup Natalie opened her mouth. And my support of them completely ended.

Who would say something like that?? Who would diss their President in front of a huge crowd not even in the same country??

Natalie Maines that's who. I like other ppl boycotted their music.

Now I wasn't an over-the-top boycotter. I just stopped listening and buying their cd's.

I have seldom thought of them over the years. But today they were brought to my attention again. Now I didn't really want to post the picture cause I knew everyone had a negative association with them. I didn't want to seem like a supporter. But they haven't been heard from in a while so who cares right??

Well I googled her just to see what she had been up too. Pictures of her with a GI Jane style hair cut were found. (I'm not really a fan but I have a preference for I found sites were people dog her and people praise her.

And the more I thought about it the more I have come to the conclusion of who really gives a CRAP?!?!?!

Now I know at this point you're probably thinking well you do!! I know I've been talking about it the whole blog but this is my point. Who cares what she said 5 yrs or more ago?? Who really cares about her opinion at all?? She's out there to make music not politics. Now I'm not saying I agree with her. Obviously I don't but she's not the one in the White House making the decisions so I'm not really that bothered by it.

Which brings me to the topic of "Hollywood" and those associated with it coming out in support of different politicians. I watch their movies and buy their cds but I'm not looking for their opinions on all...PERIOD!!

Sure they are more than intitled to have it. That's why I blog cause I have a voice and I like to use it. But just because they support one person or issue doesn't mean I'm going to start.

People these days are way to easily swayed but famous people. We live in a total "monkey see monkey do" culture. Children see the celebrities and what they wear and they jump on the band wagon. I just don't feel that a famous person is a reliable source when it comes to politics. Sure if they can produce a government or political science degree I'll probably listen but until then they can speak it all they want but we shouldn't put much value in it.

Everyone has an opinion about everything. Its that simple. From your average Joe Blow to the Queen of Pop. Some don't feel the need to share it...ever. While others (ahem myself included) feel like throwing it out there from time to time...or yeah. Lol

But just because they have a grammy or academy award doesn't give it anymore validity than mine.

Our nation needs to start looking hard and long at our political leaders in front of us. Not the celebrities. And I'm not just talking about those stirring our scandals. We need to listen to what they ALL say. If there was more time spent watching Fox News and other shows devoted to "true" news as well as magazines and newspapers as there was to E! News, People, Us and Ok...maybe we wouldn't get caught up in all these scandals and really really see the REAL issues our nation is facing.

And possibly just possibly we won't worry next time a celebrity blows off their mouth!

Love It or Hate It

Ok. Today's topic: (drum roll please)


Now I will warn you I am no expert by any means. However, I've been through alot shit in my small span on this world so I feel qualified.

First of all I have learned that now matter what your dreams/goals/hopes for your life may be it is probably going to end up coming out different. My advice for you, suck it up!! Yes I know that's not what you want to hear but in all honesty, no one does.

For example you planned on going to college, graduating, and getting this AMAZING job. Post-graduation your still stuck in the same low paying job you were in before. Guess what so are alot of people. You can whine and complain about or you can suck it up and move on!! Trust me your way better of doing the second.

The truth of the matter is I look around everyday and see people would rather whine about what they've been given in their life instead of opening their eyes to the many blessings they have been showered with. Yes I do agree it is human nature to always strive for something better. I have no problem with this, but what happened to when life hands you lemons making some freaking lemonaide?? Seriously people get with it!! You can't change the hand you got dealt you just have to roll with it. And let me tell you, your outlook on life will be much better when you learn to suck it up and look on the bright side. (I can hear nods of agreement!!)

Good we're making progress. Now I know that this topic is one of my many 'Amanda Soapbox Preachin Topics'. But today its not about that. Its just about helping people to realize the good things in front of you. So you drive a 1995 POS, if it drives and get you from point A to point B I'd say that's something to be thankful for!! Now I really don't care if you believe in GOD, Buddha, etc. we all now that there is something greater than us controlling this wonderful world we live in. And to my knowledge I have yet to find a single human being that is capable of controlling their own destiny. Of course I'm not saying stop making choices that will make your life better!! I'm just saying slow down every now and then and take a full view of your life. Look at your family and friends. Look at your job and your social life.

Not to shabby huh??

Ode To Blogging

Ok. I have realized that many people in this world blog. I haven't every really truly understood the fascination with it. But lately I've been thinking a blog can be whatever you think correct?? Well I've also been thinking that life in my head is pretty interesting (just ask my friends)! Soo I think I may give the blogging world a try. Who knows I might just dazzle the world with my blogging!! I also should probably put a disclaimer on my blog.

So here it is, and if future bloggers fail to read this I apologize. I am opinionated! Plain and simple. I know I am not always right but this blog is my thoughts and feelings about the world that I live in. Yes I agree that you live here too and your views may be infinetly different but that really doesn't matter much to me. Start your own blog!! My blog is here to entertain the masses, and whether or not we would like to admit it we are entertained daily by the judgments, mistakes, and lives of others. (Its true I can hear you nodding) Heck Hollywood itself is just full of that kind of stuff...but that is another blog for another day.

So this is Amanda Dawn Stallings Blog. Love it or Leave it makes no real difference to me. Also I should add that although I am a college graduate I am a horrible speller. Many mistakes will be made that will probably make spelling bee champs around the world chringe. But you know what?? That's another one of those lovely things that make me....ME!! And I kind of find it endearing.

So watch out bloggers Amanda is here and there is no telling when she is going to go away!! Until next time blog world!!!