Up Up Here We Go

That title is from the song I'm listening to right now lol. Random I know...

Anywho..this week has been filled with craziness.
FYI I'm writing this as I'm looking at three different websites, listening to music and prepping myself for my daily lessons...whew

I'm back at school after my quarantine due to strep and all my fears of leaving my students in the hands of a sub were eased when I found them all fine and still acting normal. Don't ask me why but I figured they would have totally forgotten how I run things. It may sound crazy to you but sometimes they come in from a weekend and look at me like "What's school?" "I have no idea who you are or why I'm here!"
But they were great and I'm like a proud mama!!

Last night I got to watch their little dribbler games and let me tell you HILARIOUS!! I watched both age groups (the smaller kids and my kids age) and the parents are sooooo intense. They were yellin at them like they do at high school games (which by the way sad to report but more ppl show up to a little dribblers game than a high school game). I mean come on, they're just learning! The parents don't seem to realize that how they treat the sport now will forever stay with they're child. If they make it "not fun" it will always be "not fun" to the child. Anways, I had fun yelling for my kiddos and all the kiddos.

The rest of my week will be just as busy. Tonight I finally get to celebrate Valentines Day with Clint. (Such a loooong story but we are just now getting the chance :) Friday night we're getting together for a going away party for our Coach/Friends. Saturday I'm spending a girls day with my best friend Lacey. Sunday I have work in the classroom and One Act Play practice (yes I'm the OAP director...I wear many hats around here).

GEEEZ now that I see it all I'm wondering when I'm going to rest ha!

But that's ok I love being busy and when the busy-ness comes with great friends I'm always happy!!

Hope y'all have a great rest of the week!!


So I've put my boredom to good use today :)

I woke feeling about 95% (still a lil blah but a way better than before)

So along with tidying up the house I have been researching online different teaching "things". I know that sounds silly. Most people think you went to school for teaching aren't you done? Well not quite.

Teaching changes just like any other profession. But one of the biggest lessons you learn in teaching is how to adapt to your students.

This can be kinda difficult because you get new students each year (duh!) but sometimes you might not get accustomed to them until halfway through the year. This is very true for me this year. I've learned a valuable lesson with my students....

If you call it fun it will be.

If I introduce any activity with "I've planned something fun" or "I've planned something special" the kids eat it up. It automatically puts them in the mindset to have a blast. Which helps the activity itself to be fun.

So getting back on topic....for those who don't know I teach 4th grade and a big change is coming :) I started out overwhelmed and nervous by it but now I'm excited and determined to be the best ________ teacher I can.

(Sorry can't tell ya til its official)

I will say today I got inspired by the Ooey Gooey Lady (Check her out she's hilarious) and I hope to somewhat be like her. I want to inspire and change the way my students feel about school.

We're going to get dirty, creative, excited, smarter and anything else we can get into! I know it can't make sense to most people but being a teacher is such a fufilling profession and its my goal to make myself the best for my kids :)

This video pretty much sums up my teaching philosophy 

Bore....du du du dummmm!!!

Well I'm spending my second day at home and I'm extremely bored!!!!

Let me start at the beginning. It all started Tuesday morning when I woke up feeling a lil crumy with some pain in my throat and glands. I didn't think much of it just took my vitamins and went on my merry way to school. I decided in my new healthy way to run with my best friend Tara. Everything seemed good except for me being totally out of shape :)

Then after the run I felt my morning symptoms come back. Still I didn't want to believe I was getting sick again! I spent last semester in and out of being sick every two weeks or so. And this far this semester nothing. That was until I woke Wednesday morning with an awful sore throat. I still believed it was nothing else because besides feeling a little tired I felt fine. So hoping after a good night sleep I would feel back to normal.

Then I woke Thursday morning feeling like total $h!T!!! So I took my first day off from school (which by the way having a subbing one of the scariest most confusing things ever!!).

I headed to Odessa to the doctor to fix my sickness. That is until I got there to find out I have...du du dunnnn


I've never had it before and let me tell you I hope I never do. Not being able to swallow and the constant pain is very irratating but it also makes you tired and blah.

So now I'm on my second (mandatory) day off from school and I'm soo bored. Sickness and I don't mix...I'm not very good at just laying around. I know I should be grateful for the 2 days off but really I just wanna be back in my classroom!!

Perfection....sorta :)

Well I got the blog worked out...kinda ha!

Its not exactly how I want it but its made by me so I'll take it...imperfection and all :)

I recently made this sign for my students to hang in our classroom and I think it fits my life (and theirs) perfectly!

Cold, Cold, COLD

I would love to lie and say I have had alot goin on but mostly I've just been trying to stay warm!! For the past couple of days it has been in the teens!! Anyone who knows west Texas thisi isn't normal weather for us. Up until now it hasn't even dipped lower that the 40's. I could honestly kick evey person who complained about the 80 degree weather we were having in Dec. and Jan. REALLY?!?! It was amazing compared to this!! Seriously, late starts for school, frozen pipes ect.


On a lighter (less complaining) note. I have been obsessed with creating a new blog. I finally went out and found my own way to do it. I couln't wait anymore for outside help. I have a very cute start and I'm just trying to get everything worked out before I strip this one down. So I guess I should give warning I'll be under construction soon!!

My other latest obsession is making flower hair clips. I've always been a jewelry maker so I'm using my store of supplies and help from blogs I've been on a flower clip kick :) I am hoping to start my business up again and I've gotten positive feedback so here's some teasers tell me what you think.