tweetering....ahem twittering

So I am bouncing back with a vengeance. I have completely thrown myself into 5th & 6th grade. It hasn't been easy trust me!!! Balancing both grades is a definite work-out for the brain but I'm getting back into the groove and LOVING it!

So yesterday, I found the coolest post on pinterest about twitter in the classroom. I really liked the idea and couldn't wait to see the what's and why's of how the teacher was using it. I was a little bummed to find there wasn't much, but the more the idea sat in my head the more I liked it. 

I don't know how many 11 & 12 year olds you been around but they like to talk an give you all kinds of random information. So of course a twitter board seemed like the perfect place for them to get it all out! Plus, I talked to them about social media and the responsibility that comes with it. The world is changing and I want them to understand all the new advances out there and how to use them the right way. 

So I "borrowed" ;) some sentence strips from my old classroom and had each child make up a username on the top corner. Then I laminated them and posted them on my cabinet (which was the only available space for all of them)

Of course I made up a "terms of usage" that everyone had to sign before they could start "tweeting". Because they were warned that using the board for negative purposes would result in losing their twitter account. After all the terms were signed we were up and running for tweeting....

I'm still not sure all of them 100% understand what it is because they kept calling it the tweetering board lol....but they couldn't wait to get started and were having a good time posting :)


  1. This is seriously SO cute!! How many students do you have? I'd love to try it, but I have 32 kids.... not sure where I would post it...

  2. Thanks!! I only have 13 students so I was able to use the side of a wooden cabinet. I didn't have any blank wall space that would fit all of the strips. But the kids LOVE it!! Its a place they can talk to each other and say anything they want!! I highly recommend it if you can find the space!!