On the Road Again

Man that's hokey! Ha! But its true. Since I live in Imperial I feel like I'm on the road all the time!

For those who don't know (ahem that'd probably be everyone :) Imperial is a tiny town in the middle of nowhere!! It takes at least 30 mins to get anywhere that has anything going on. I wish i was kidding!

But today I'm not just on the road to run errands or do something normal....I'm on the road to FUN!

(Ha ok that will be my last bit of corniness I promise ;)

Clint and I are headed to Ft. Worth to spend some time and New Years Eve with his best friend and his wife. I'm WAY excited because its been forever since we've seen either of them plus getting out of West TX is always fun. Don't get me wrong I love it here but shopping is some much better in bigger cities!!

So here we go to have a little fun and get outta town...who doesn't love that?

I'm a BIG KID now

So its Christmas break, if I haven't said that enough ;) I've been busy getting Christmas presents, cleaning, unpacking, decorating and settling into my house. Soooo exciting!!

As I do all this I can't feeling a little different. I finally feel like I'm a gulp dare I say grown up?!?! I should be happy with this right??

Don't get me wrong I am extremely happy! I have an amazing boyfriend, an amazing family (his and mine) and finally a career I can thrive in. As hard as I've worked through the past couple of years to get to this point its a little hard to swallow. I'm actually doing it for real!

I just can't help missing my old life a little. I miss sleeping all day after fun crazy nights with my girls. I miss blowing off some of responsibilities to have some fun!

Maybe part of my problem is being so far from my friends. Our lives are all going in different directions and its hard. My bestest best friend is finishing out grad-shool and has embarked on her DREAM job. She seems single and free and happy. Its hard for me not being a part of that.

IDK maybe I'm going through a mid-twenties crisis?!?! Haha probably not. I shouldn't complain because even though I miss the old I couldn't be happier in my new life!! Its just hard to grow up I guess

Tacky Sweater Party

I finally got to participate in one of the newest trends...a tacky sweater party!! Clint's sister Crissy hosted one last night and we had a blast!

Clint's mom custom made ours and in my partial opinion we had the tackiest! But we were all VERY tacky!!

Me and Clint before the party! (His stockings even have our names :)

All the boys at the party. Seeing them in the sweaters was the best!!

Gingerbread Houses

So here is what I promised! Buena Vista 4th grade gingerbread houses!!

They're definetely not works of art but they are tried and true done by children! I am so proud you don't even know! For my students when it starts to get hard they usually get frustrated and quit, but with the gingerbread houses they plugged along on this new adventure. Of course, they did really great!!

As you all know I'm a poor teacher so we had to do these houses on a budget. Instead of the traditional gingerbread we used graham crackers.
I know I know, thats totally not as much fun as the real deal. I caught alot of flack from the other teachers but you have to understand I am NOT a baker at all!!! Plus balancing all of my other work plus that just wasn't going to work. So in my opinion if you wanna cheat a little cheat!!

The crackers worked great because if they broke we had plenty of back up right then and there! I did however make all of the icing homemade!! Which was an adventure in itself!! I had to find time in my conference or lunch to make it so it would be fresh for that day. The icing recipe is simple though:

2 jumbo egg whites
2 2/3  cups powdered sugar

Combine 1 1/3 cup sugar with the egg whites. Stir until smooth. Add remaining 1 1/3 cup and beat on high until icing stands in peaks.

Pretty simple just a little messy :)

I would also tweak the recipe to make bigger batches for more people so adjust how you feel best.

It was definetly a fun experience and every student coming up can't wait to be in my class just to make them :o

So for everyone out there be a little adventure and just do it! :)

Out of the Loop

I've been completely out of the loop lately. For anyone who doesn't know being a teacher from Thanksgiving to Christmas break is horrible hard work!!

Its non-stop go go go!! Between lessons, grades, Christmas programs, parties and the insane sugar HIGHS there's hardly time for anything else!!

Thankfully I can see a light at the end of the tunnel!

Christmas break officially starts at 1:00pm today!


Am I a completely horrible teacher because I'm pratically salivating for a break??

Oh well, I love my students but it has been non-stop madness here! We've made gingerbread houses (pics coming later), sang beautifully in the Christmas program and partied our little hearts out!! So its time for all of us to recover :)

I'll post lots of pics of our fun soon, promise!!

For my break I will be painting, un-packing (yes I know I'm a slacker ;) and nesting. Hopefully I will finally be making my little house my home.

Stay tuned!!