Christmas slump!!

I'm hiding out for Christmas :)
I've enjoyed some time in the country with my grandma and sister. Now I'm home and repacking to head to Austin for New Years soot soot :) of course when I get back I'll have to devote myself to all things classroom so I can accomplish everything I had planned!!
Check out the pic of the present I made for my sister!! She LOVED it and I was pretty proud of myself I must say ;)

Hope everyone had a MERRY Christmas and a very safe New Year!!!

P.S. I'm trying out the blogger app for the first time...hope if works :)

Christmas Relaxin'

This week has been CRAZY busy!!!
Here's a little outline...Monday-Parent teacher conference and prep for the Christmas Program (I was in charge with another teacher)
Tuesday-More program prep and practice and keeping the books at the basketball game
Wednesday-Christmas Program (YAY :)
The stress of the program literally kept me up at night. Not only was I in charge but I still had to coordinate my class in two songs. Somehow Mrs. Garcia and I managed to get all the work done and pull a wonderful program off!!

Today has turned out to be amazing!! I took my pretest for the PPR and I passed!!! Which means I'm able to take the real PPR the FINAL step in be completely certified!! I'm so excited its been a long process and I've already been teaching for two years ;) so I'm ready!! I also got paid with a little Christmas bonus....which could make anyone happy :D
To top it off I've spent the evening relaxing with pizza and Friends. Of course I had to through Pinterest in the mix and I found What the Teacher Wants. She has the cutest reader's theater post up! I definitely want to use it tomorrow. I might even see if we can do it for the Pre-K kids. I also found this site Classroom Jr with cute Mad Libs for different holidays. My kids are crazy for Mad Libs!!!

I hate to say I'm ready for Christmas break but I'm really going to use my time to organize,  clean, and make more detailed lesson plans. One of my biggest resolutions for the new year is going to be a better teacher and blog at least once a week and share all my experience with the world!!

Ok gonna get back to relaxing!!

It Must Be Christmas!!!

I've had a great weekend filled with a bachelorette party Friday, a lazy Saturday and lots of work for my Sunday funday :)

My work today helped me discover something that I think may have just changed my life as a teacher!!!
Its a wonderful site where you can share your resources and find all kinds of resources to help you in the classroom....its a serious goldmine for a second year teacher like me!!!
Oh yes and I forgot last night I discovered I had won the contest for a Readers Notebook from Becky at Lesson Plans and Lattes. Seriously!?!?!? I never win stuff like this I am SOOO excited!! Check her out she has lots of great posts and resources. I'm so excited to have some insight like hers :*)

To wrap up my evening I spent my time making my Christmas Cards for my fellow teachers. Instead of the traditional cards I decided to do a remake of something I found on pinterest (seriously what did we do without it???)

I made Grinch Pills!!!
 I found multiple ways to do it with tic tacs etc. but of course I had to do m&m's because everyone needs a little chocolate around this time of year :) And I had to style it up around my personality and budget.
^ Here's my wonderful mess!!

And the finished products (sorry they're upside down so the glue could dry)
I can't wait to stuff the boxes tomorrow with the is why I love this time of the year!!!

Christmas is a Coming!!

This time of the year is the most hectic and busy...for me at least!! I feel like a barely have time to check my email!! The few weeks between Thanksgiving Break and Christmas Break are filled with craziness around BV. Part of the busy-ness was preparing my kids for UIL. 
This year was tougher than last year because I had 5th & 6th grade. So there even more events to juggle. But somehow I managed to get them all ready!! They competed in Wink on Thursday and even though we didn't win the kids did their best and had some fun :)
And Wink....OMG!! I think I belong there!! They were FULL of school spirit and every door was decorated for Christmas. I mean the outstanding craftiness and creativity....oh man I would fit right in!!!
I snapped some pictures so I could re-create in the future ;) 
(sorry they're so blurry)

 This one isn't Christmas but look at it.....TOO CUTE!!!