For some reason I'm on this resolution kick.

I know its July but still you gotta start somewhere I guess :)

Its partly because of the horrible year I've had (I'm a teacher my years go from August to May) and probably because this is my birthmonth.

As I prepare to turn another year older I'm also moving and starting a new job. I do nothing in small doses!! So I'm looking at all of this as a way to make changes and fresh starts.

Insert my resolutions:
1. Lose 40 lbs.
2. Manage money better and acquire savings.
3. Join a church.
4. Pray a personal life will come will ^^ all of the above :)

My biggest goal is the 40 lbs. I keep seeing all these weightloss blogs on Pinterest and that's where I've gotten my motivation....well kinda ;)

I gained most my lbs in college and through serious relationships. I always seem to date those really skinny teeny tiny guys who can eat ANYTHING and not gain an ounce. Well a girl like me just can't keep up with that.

So I've been wanting to shed the extra flub for quite a while (I've been out of college since Dec 08 :/)
But I am realistic in my pursuit. First of all I know it will take time and it has to be a lifestyle change.

So just to start and ease myself into the groove of things I'm eliminating fast food (I'm a junkie!!), working on my portion control (my eyes are WAY bigger than my stomach), and working out!!

So why blog about it? Most of the weightloss blogs I've seen just showcase the after and I want to show the whole SHUBANG!! It will also help keep me accountable (I hope).

So here goes nothing...

current weight 173 (ouch!!)
current pant size 12
goal weight 130
goal size 6
front view in the very unflattering white :P

side view July 2012

These are pictures from the past year...everytime I see them I cringe. I walk around thinking I'm normal and fine (not skinny but I think I look good ;) Then I see a pic and BLAH!!!'
Last day of school May 2012
Easter April 2012

September 2012 (^^at Stripes...classy I know)
I had lost some over the summer but with a BAD year I quickly gained it back!!

October 2011
I'm always told I carry my weight well....**cough** bullshit**cough** haha!!

I am relieved that people can't actually tell I'm that heavy but I'm 5'2" there's only so many places you can hide it!!

So onward in my journey to become a skinny bitch :)


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