Headed Downhill

Ok I know I'm an awful blogger but hopefully that will change this time. I know I always say that but hey one day it will stick!! (I hope ;) This is also the first time I'm posting from my new (in December) iPad. So if its easier then it just might help keep me on track.

Ok so on to the post...

My last post was all about resolutions. I'm very happy to report that I'm am making progress.

I'll start with nĂºmero uno...lose 40 pounds. As of April 17, 2013 I have lost.....dun dun dun...(that's my drumroll;) 20 pounds!!! Now I'm ashamed to admit I went up before I went down, but this is still a huge accomplishment for me! For the first time I can tell I've lost weight. I like looking I. The mirror and putting on clothes. Especially those things I hadn't fit into in quite awhile. This gives me even more motivation to continue. I'm at 159 right now and my goal weight is 130. I think it's totally attainable by the end of the year. Maybe even end of summer if I push hard enough ;)

Ok goal number 2 manage money better and acquire savings....ummm lol. Cough**cough** sorry something in my throat.

Ha! Just kidding. I have done a lot better. I'm quite to the point in savings where I want to be. But I'm managing bills vs. "play" money waaaay better. I know I know that's be a grown up, but I have to say who really enjoys that part?? Definitely not this girl!!

Goal number 3 join a church. Although I have not officially joined I am faithful Stonegate Church goer :) I'm still not completely sold on the big church vibe. However, the preacher is fab and I feel God has me there for a reason.

And last but definitely not least....have a social life. Hmm... Lol just kidding. I have made several wonderful friends here. I go out (not all the time...can't ruin my old lady reputation ;) and have fun. I've even traveled with a group of girls to Austin for a 5k mud run. I know!! It was a total blast :) Aaaand I even have a love interest :))) We're taking it slow but I can't lie I'm pretty crazy about him:)

So all in all it's been one amazing year so far!! And there are even more good things on the horizon.

I'm so excited to continue this crazy, wonderful journey I call my life :)

Oh here are some updated pics >>

The purple was the end of March and the black was on Saturday (4/14).
(Sorry I can't label and move them...only thing about the app I can't figure out)

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