21 Day Fix in the Middle

Ok so my 21 Day Fix arrived Friday before last. I officially started on Monday of last week. I just wanted to post and update how it's going for me.

I'm in LOVE with the fix. It has done amazing for me. In just one week I have amazing energy, I feel better in my own body, plus I lost 2 pounds!! All of these combined don't sound like a lot but trust me when you're doing it the right way slow and steady wins the race. For just one week I feel like this is a HUGE accomplishment.

Not to mention I just feel amazing. I can't get over the way I feel. No diet or pill has ever given me this much energy. It's unreal!! If you're on the verge or looking for something to get you started I highly recommend the 21 Day Fix.

I won't sit here and tell you it isn't without it's obstacles, because it is. The first for me being that I'm super SUPER busy and finding the time for meal prep is a struggle. If I can make it work then anyone can!! Another struggle is good produce. I live in a smallish town with one grocery store. Unfortunately for me that store's produce choices are slim. But I haven't let those things get me down. I will succeed. I'm VERY determined ;)

One more small kink in my 21 day journey is my family is going on a mini vacation this Friday...Yikes! Again it won't get in my way. The thing I have learned is this program will work if you change your lifestyle. I can't change my plans because I'm working out more or eating differently, I have to make them fit the flow of my life. So I've been planning how to make this work.
Here are some things I've planned so far:
-the hotel has a fitness center!! This means I will take my resistance bands and the awesome cheat sheets I found via Pinterest to help me stick to my work out
-I will take my nutri-bullet so that I can have my Shakeology on the road. I might get some resistance from the hubs at first but he knows this is important so I know he will cave :) I'm also planning to measure out my shake mixes into ziplocs so I can add ice and water and blend. (butterfinger
 shako and YUMMO!!)-I'm also planning healthy snacks for on the road to keep me from travel temptation
I will try to post again as I pack and prep to let you know how it goes and of course when my 21 days is up. I know I will see amazing results!!

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