Love It or Hate It

Ok. Today's topic: (drum roll please)


Now I will warn you I am no expert by any means. However, I've been through alot shit in my small span on this world so I feel qualified.

First of all I have learned that now matter what your dreams/goals/hopes for your life may be it is probably going to end up coming out different. My advice for you, suck it up!! Yes I know that's not what you want to hear but in all honesty, no one does.

For example you planned on going to college, graduating, and getting this AMAZING job. Post-graduation your still stuck in the same low paying job you were in before. Guess what so are alot of people. You can whine and complain about or you can suck it up and move on!! Trust me your way better of doing the second.

The truth of the matter is I look around everyday and see people would rather whine about what they've been given in their life instead of opening their eyes to the many blessings they have been showered with. Yes I do agree it is human nature to always strive for something better. I have no problem with this, but what happened to when life hands you lemons making some freaking lemonaide?? Seriously people get with it!! You can't change the hand you got dealt you just have to roll with it. And let me tell you, your outlook on life will be much better when you learn to suck it up and look on the bright side. (I can hear nods of agreement!!)

Good we're making progress. Now I know that this topic is one of my many 'Amanda Soapbox Preachin Topics'. But today its not about that. Its just about helping people to realize the good things in front of you. So you drive a 1995 POS, if it drives and get you from point A to point B I'd say that's something to be thankful for!! Now I really don't care if you believe in GOD, Buddha, etc. we all now that there is something greater than us controlling this wonderful world we live in. And to my knowledge I have yet to find a single human being that is capable of controlling their own destiny. Of course I'm not saying stop making choices that will make your life better!! I'm just saying slow down every now and then and take a full view of your life. Look at your family and friends. Look at your job and your social life.

Not to shabby huh??

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