Ode To Blogging

Ok. I have realized that many people in this world blog. I haven't every really truly understood the fascination with it. But lately I've been thinking a blog can be whatever you think correct?? Well I've also been thinking that life in my head is pretty interesting (just ask my friends)! Soo I think I may give the blogging world a try. Who knows I might just dazzle the world with my blogging!! I also should probably put a disclaimer on my blog.

So here it is, and if future bloggers fail to read this I apologize. I am opinionated! Plain and simple. I know I am not always right but this blog is my thoughts and feelings about the world that I live in. Yes I agree that you live here too and your views may be infinetly different but that really doesn't matter much to me. Start your own blog!! My blog is here to entertain the masses, and whether or not we would like to admit it we are entertained daily by the judgments, mistakes, and lives of others. (Its true I can hear you nodding) Heck Hollywood itself is just full of that kind of stuff...but that is another blog for another day.

So this is Amanda Dawn Stallings Blog. Love it or Leave it makes no real difference to me. Also I should add that although I am a college graduate I am a horrible speller. Many mistakes will be made that will probably make spelling bee champs around the world chringe. But you know what?? That's another one of those lovely things that make me....ME!! And I kind of find it endearing.

So watch out bloggers Amanda is here and there is no telling when she is going to go away!! Until next time blog world!!!

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