Tone Deaf

Ok this blog has been inspired by a convo with my very bestest friend K-Hud. But I assure you its been building for quite awhile.

As previously addressed I've been all about music for as long as I can remember. And lately (well always but its just grown lately) there have been many many artists to come out who should I put this....less that musically talented. I mean they can sing I guess but the quality is not so great.

Now I'm not an idiot I know you can do alot in a recording studio and through the editting process. But why would labels want a less than great product??

Case in point Taylor Swift. I'm not trying to dog her (although I'm not a fan) but she has been critisized on numerous occasions for her inability to sing live and be on key, most recently at the Grammy's. We're talking about someone who has won numerous awards for her songs and sold millions and millions of albums. I will admit she can write a damn good song (personal taste aside). But still is she really worthy of all those awards when her vocal talent is not??

To add fuel to my fire Timbaland was on Kidd Kraddick (yes I'm addicted...I told you I'm a music freak :) in the morning talking about the awards shows and how they're going to people who don't exactly deserve them. He even said that country music is one of the greatest music outlets because you can touch people with your songs. Its about the song and the vocal quality and being on point all the time.

I strongly agree with him. I listen to all kinds of music and love them all. But for me country is so much more than that...its a way to get your point of view heard.

Ok back on topic. I just don't understand how people can walk around listening to people who literally make me want to pull my ears off?? Don't they know its not good?? Why do we support this?? Why are we settling for something less??

There are plenty of artists out there who are damn good vocally. I just wonder if the majority of people are tone deaf or is it simply because its a good song so they just listen regardless.

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