Its a rare rainy day here in west Texas. Rain always makes me think of God and blessings.

I'm not sure maybe because it happens so rarely around here. When it finally does the land is so parched it just makes you feel so thankful.

I think life is sometimes that way. I was listening to my radio while i was getting ready and a Luke Bryan song came on about rain. He was talking about being from the country and how we appreciate it more that people in the city because we have so much more at stake. It was all funny and light hearted but it made me think.

Rain is kind of like the low points in a Christians life. When you hit that wall or face major tragedy in your life you can't help but look around at all the good things God has blessed you with.

Its like the rain, makes your pants soggy and messes up your hair you just can't help but smile cause it smells so good and everything seems calmer.

Even when your crying your eyes out you cling to the special people in your life or your health and lift up praises to Him for giving you a silver lining.

Sorrow is temporary and remember behind those clouds is Sonshine :)

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