Sweeeet Summa Time

Wow!! So many things have happened!! This summer is almost over...tear!! But it has been amazing!!

First I took my teaching certification test in June and I passed!!!!!

Yup I am now a certified teacher :)

This was amazing!! I was perfectly happy with just the fact that I passed and I wouldn't have to endure the test again. (It wasn't that bad I don't wanna scare anyone...I'm just a major stresser!!)

For months leading up to my decision to go into teaching I had been told the chances of actually getting a job weren't good. So I had accepted the fact that I probably wouldn't be teaching next year.

Then I found it....my dream teaching job!!

The announcement for the job talked about small town living and I jumped on it!! A fourth grade teaching position at a tiny district called Buena Vista. I hade never even heard of it but I wanted it!!

I immediately emailed the superintendent hoping I was getting to it soon enough. After imagining myself in the job all weekend long he called me back for an interview!!

So my best friend Lacey and I made the journey to the tiny town of Imperial. I was shown the school, my potential classroom and everything. When I left I wanted it that much more!!

Well good news I got it...kinda!!

My name will be submitted to the school board on the 13th. This is mostly a formality. But I was still trying to hold back on my excitement. Until yesterday when I got a letter informing me of the inservice schedule and the training I would need to complete before school started.

EHHHHH!!! I'm so excited!! I really didn't think I would get a job and definitely not an opportunity like this one!!

I will have a house (a real house with 3 bedrooms haha), a classroom and so many more opportunities than I would in a bigger district.

So I'm plannin plannin. How to decorate my house and my classroom. Also lesson plans and fun things for the first day of school.

I'm ecstatic!!!

Oh yeah if you have any suggestions or want to help let me know!! I'm having a garage sale next Saturday the 17th. I will be moving shortly after and starting to decorate my classroom. The theme is Texas so if you have any ideas let me know!!

Thanks :)

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