Oh my its been awhile since I've been in the blogging world. Things have been absolutely crazy in my "real" world for the last couple of months. But thank the Lord school is over and I'm hoping for a much needed break!!

So far the summer has been pretty busy. Right now, I'm spending time with my Grammy (grandmother :), who had eye surgery last week, so I can help her out. Being out here has allowed me to connect with an old friend from high school which is great too. I head back on Tuesday and go straight to a workshop on Wednesday and Thursday. With a little free weekend and then a 3 day workshop next week. Whew!!

So much for a relaxing summer! Ha!

Its ok, I will be busy getting my new classroom ready. Yep, I'm making the move to Pre-K and Kindergarten! I have the summer to get my new classrooms ready, get crackin on lesson plans, and learn how to teach Pre-K and Kinder... :/

I am excited but a little worried too. I'm still new enough that I should be able to handle this change. But I was comfortable with 4th grade and Pk-K is definetly going to be a change new adventure :)

Along with the big move I am now the cheerleading sponsor. By myself this time. I'm super SUPER excited about this!! I have found out it is major work but I love it and I have a GREAT group of girls this year. So with all the moving and planning I'll be running fundraisers and going to cheer camp.

Yep, this summer is going to be a fun, busy, exciting, crazy, non-restful break :)

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  1. Love it! Hopefully me and gage will become a part of your crazy beautiful life :)) Oh and by the way, I just started a blog...what was I thinking???