Up Up Here We Go

That title is from the song I'm listening to right now lol. Random I know...

Anywho..this week has been filled with craziness.
FYI I'm writing this as I'm looking at three different websites, listening to music and prepping myself for my daily lessons...whew

I'm back at school after my quarantine due to strep and all my fears of leaving my students in the hands of a sub were eased when I found them all fine and still acting normal. Don't ask me why but I figured they would have totally forgotten how I run things. It may sound crazy to you but sometimes they come in from a weekend and look at me like "What's school?" "I have no idea who you are or why I'm here!"
But they were great and I'm like a proud mama!!

Last night I got to watch their little dribbler games and let me tell you HILARIOUS!! I watched both age groups (the smaller kids and my kids age) and the parents are sooooo intense. They were yellin at them like they do at high school games (which by the way sad to report but more ppl show up to a little dribblers game than a high school game). I mean come on, they're just learning! The parents don't seem to realize that how they treat the sport now will forever stay with they're child. If they make it "not fun" it will always be "not fun" to the child. Anways, I had fun yelling for my kiddos and all the kiddos.

The rest of my week will be just as busy. Tonight I finally get to celebrate Valentines Day with Clint. (Such a loooong story but we are just now getting the chance :) Friday night we're getting together for a going away party for our Coach/Friends. Saturday I'm spending a girls day with my best friend Lacey. Sunday I have work in the classroom and One Act Play practice (yes I'm the OAP director...I wear many hats around here).

GEEEZ now that I see it all I'm wondering when I'm going to rest ha!

But that's ok I love being busy and when the busy-ness comes with great friends I'm always happy!!

Hope y'all have a great rest of the week!!

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  1. Heehee. Sometimes children surprise us, LOL!
    Thanks for following. I am laughing how this is a post from Feb. Tells you how long it has taken me to get through my e-mails. Hope this spring is treating you well.
    ~Kimberlee, www.TheSpunkyDiva.com