I'm home finally!! You know it really takes going away to realize how much you love your home!!

Of course I came home to realize how much I needed to clean :/ haha thats the way it goes I guess. I spent the last two days in a workshop and somehow managed to find the energy to clean tonight. These are the times that truely amaze me because I never used to be that way. Most of the time, I'd much rather lay around and be lazy.

Ohhh ouch yep I said it. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to be lazy. But I guess with aga and maturity I've come to realize that their are sometimes things that aren't gonna do themselves :)

But now that the house is clean well semi-sorta close almost not quite all the way clean :). I'm takin a break to blog.

And I just have to get something off my chest. (disclaimer: my close personal friends have heard this rant before but man oh man I just hafta do it again :)

I absolutely, positively can NOT stand when people take those camera in the mirror pictures of themselves. Why do that? Seriously? Can someone please tell me????

You just look silly. Like you have no friends to take a picture of you :(
Now I have to admit I have taken one or two before but that was to send a friend of my potential outfit selections. I didn't post them on facebook, myspace or twitter. And I know people turn the camera and take pictures of themselves and I have beef with the ones that show your arms too.

But I digress....my biggest issue I guess is when guys and girls take them of...well when guys do it they're trying to show of their sexy six-pack. Which fyi guys just makes you look totally concieted. Because not only are you into takin pictures of yourself. Your into takin them of your half-naked body because obviously you think that you just look SOOOO damn good. Blah :P!!! I don't know maybe its just me but that is not attractive AT ALL!!!

Don't worry girls I have beef with you too!! The girls like to take the ones of there bums or turn the camera around so they can show off their tah-tahs. Yeah its usually the younger more skanky (in my opinion) girls. To me, as a fellow girl, it just makes us look bad. I mean seriously, not only does it make guys expect it from all of us. But it puts us in that box of a stereotypical girl. That just takes her clothes of and stuff. I know I know...not everyone thinks this way but really its hard enough being a girl in a guys world. And if you don't still believe its a guys world you need to look around!! When people believe they need to take off their clothes to be "sexy" we're still in a "guys world". (and again not all guys think like this but a huge majority) Pictures like the afore mentioned just make it easier for them to view us a pieces of meat instead of respecting us as equals.

Ok ok I'll get off the soap box I just needed to get that out because I've been seeing alot of it lately. So I'm done I promise :)

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