Ran-dum Fashion(:

Look at me posting twice so close together woo hoo!!

Well I've recently decided that not many people even read my blog so why not mix it up just cause I wanna [:

Soooo not only am I gonna try to give my blog a makeover in appearance but I want to start blogging about different things. I want this blog to be about all things I'm passionate about and one of those things is fashion!! I know it seems totally crazy that a little small town girl would be so obsessed. But I have always had a thing for clothes and lately I've enjoyed dressing people. I've even played with the idea of styling for people. 

(Except for the fact that I live in a town of 400 ppl and there's nowhere to go and no one to dress :/ )

Anywho I figured my blog was a good place to get my ideas and thoughts out there. 

Now I do have to say I'm not a total trendsetter or big city fashion girl. My fashion is the epitomy of Texas girls fashion....comfortatble, affordable and unique ;)

So hopefully I'll be bloggin and attracting MORE people because this is something I LOVE LOVE LOVE doing!!!

So stay tuned for more makeover features (:

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