It's Halloween!! I love halloween it truely is one of my favorite holidays!! (Prob because I'm just a big ol kid at heart :)

I know I said I was going to change my blog up before but I've recently found a new love.....Pinterest!! I know the rest of the world has been obsessed ALOT longer than me. But I think it just may be the cure to my ADD...well maybe not the cure but if definetely feeds my random curiousity :)

Anywho...I've been inspired by alot of what I've seen. I see so many blogs on what people are passionate about, most are just one or two things. But when I started blogging it was because I was passionate about so MANY things. Hence the Queen of Random ;)

I bounce around from thing to thing daily hourly....minute to minute. (Honestly you should see me in the classroom...sometimes I make myself dizzy)

So I'm gonna keep on blogging about my favorite random ideas because that's just who I am :)

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