Uh oh here we go again!! Another post saying I'm sorry I haven't blogged followed by a promise to be better.....ya right...its not happening this time!! Let me just recap you on what's been happening lately and you'll know why I haven't and can't promise to blog.

So I started my second year of teaching. YAY!!
Well I thought yay until I found out I was going to have 19 four and five year olds!! YIKES!!!
I know to some you may be thinking no big deal but to me it is a HUGE deal. This is my first time to teach this grade, plus I have them combined which believe me is a struggle.

Anywho with that I am also balancing football season which is normally my favorite time of the year. However, this year it has been a bumpy ride because I am the only cheer coach. Now I am SO proud of my girls, both high school and junior high, they have come along way from try-outs. BUT its alot of work being the only person managing two squads and they are alot of drama hehe.

But things are bumping along as usual and hopefully....possibly....maybe....I will be better and post more often. 

Until next time :)

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