Christmas is a Coming!!

This time of the year is the most hectic and busy...for me at least!! I feel like a barely have time to check my email!! The few weeks between Thanksgiving Break and Christmas Break are filled with craziness around BV. Part of the busy-ness was preparing my kids for UIL. 
This year was tougher than last year because I had 5th & 6th grade. So there even more events to juggle. But somehow I managed to get them all ready!! They competed in Wink on Thursday and even though we didn't win the kids did their best and had some fun :)
And Wink....OMG!! I think I belong there!! They were FULL of school spirit and every door was decorated for Christmas. I mean the outstanding craftiness and creativity....oh man I would fit right in!!!
I snapped some pictures so I could re-create in the future ;) 
(sorry they're so blurry)

 This one isn't Christmas but look at it.....TOO CUTE!!!

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