It Must Be Christmas!!!

I've had a great weekend filled with a bachelorette party Friday, a lazy Saturday and lots of work for my Sunday funday :)

My work today helped me discover something that I think may have just changed my life as a teacher!!!
Its a wonderful site where you can share your resources and find all kinds of resources to help you in the classroom....its a serious goldmine for a second year teacher like me!!!
Oh yes and I forgot last night I discovered I had won the contest for a Readers Notebook from Becky at Lesson Plans and Lattes. Seriously!?!?!? I never win stuff like this I am SOOO excited!! Check her out she has lots of great posts and resources. I'm so excited to have some insight like hers :*)

To wrap up my evening I spent my time making my Christmas Cards for my fellow teachers. Instead of the traditional cards I decided to do a remake of something I found on pinterest (seriously what did we do without it???)

I made Grinch Pills!!!
 I found multiple ways to do it with tic tacs etc. but of course I had to do m&m's because everyone needs a little chocolate around this time of year :) And I had to style it up around my personality and budget.
^ Here's my wonderful mess!!

And the finished products (sorry they're upside down so the glue could dry)
I can't wait to stuff the boxes tomorrow with the is why I love this time of the year!!!

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