A Year Ago Today

I know people always say if you had told me a year ago I'd be where I am today...well you know. My life has been a never ending series of twists and turns. Every now and then I get comfy and I think to myself "Ah this is where I belong." Then reality comes and dumps me out on my butt rear.

So where has that lovely queen of fate have me today?

Well let see...I'm a newlywed
*Que awe's here*

I'm a former teacher.

Just some of my favorite teacher humor.
Now this one would make any knowledgeable person teacher screech in horror "YOU'RE A FORMER TEACHER?!?" Why would they do this a normal person might ask? Because it's January. Stating that I'm a former teacher means I must have done the horrifying, unbelievable, speak not thus you be involved act of quitting mid-year. 

Yes I, Amanda Cooper, am a quitter. I'm even a special breed, I'm a teacher quitter. I'll go into greater detail later but if you're a teacher, married to a teacher or know a teacher really well you can probably sense the above mentioned never thought I'd be here comment might apply to this.

But wait there's more....

I became a (step)parent. I prefer bonus mom

I love it so much sometimes I think my heart will explode and then it infuriates me so much the next minute. More on that later and it doesn't infuriate me for the reasons you might think!!
(And I know I'm shameless with the wedding pics but what a better way to show them off)

there's still more....

I'm a competitive cheer coach and gym owner.

 This last one has sure been a doozy. I mean I think somewhere along my life growing up I kind of...maybe thought it might happen. But this time last year was when I put this crazy plan into motion. I can joke about it but it truly is one of my greatest accomplishments. It's my baby and my girls are my world. I will share more about this wild ride in the future because I promise if you've ever seen Cheer Perfection my gym has the same drama on Texas size steroids!!

So I'd love to say I'm one of those super confident people who says bring it on 2015...but after my 2014 and fate who is not always my friend I think I'll just say thank you God for the blessings and please let me survive the next year.

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