Ok here it comes...

I haven't had one in awhile...

but I can't help myself!!

Its such a Monday. I've had such a day. First of all, I've been sick pretty much since I moved to Imperial. I just can't seem to get well and since I'm a busybody it just kills me to be sick! It totally slows me down!! To make things worse I can't seem to figure out why and how to cure it! I have no clue if its allergies, the weather or the fact that I'm around my germy (I love em but its a fact) kids.

So here it is Monday and I've been sick for roughly 2 months and I'm tired. To add to it yesterday was Halloween. So today my kids have caught the after Halloween buzz.

Seriously, its a real disorder. They're hyper and can't sit still for anything! They want to chatter and can't seem to focus on any type of work whatsoever! Its craziness in my classroom today.

I really do enjoy my job and my students please don't get me wrong. But today I would rather be anywhere but here!!

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