Honestly I know it may seem that my "thanks" are getting more and more frivolous, but I'm trying to think of what I am honestly thankful for. So today after 2 wks of being sick and a wk of being well I'm very grateful for the weekend. Because this was one of the first weekends in a while I didn't feel like I wasted. That to me is what weekends are for to get the things you want done not the things you need done.
Weeks are for the neccessary, weekends are for fun! So this weekend I got my backyard fence put up FINALLY!! (Thanks to Tara and co who helped!!) I got to karaoke with great friends!! I also got to see my love two days in one week!! Sounds crazy but it hasn't happened much lately. I also got papers graded and more of my house painted and settled.
I had a productive weekend :)
So thank you Lord for making weekends!!

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