Gingerbread Houses

So here is what I promised! Buena Vista 4th grade gingerbread houses!!

They're definetely not works of art but they are tried and true done by children! I am so proud you don't even know! For my students when it starts to get hard they usually get frustrated and quit, but with the gingerbread houses they plugged along on this new adventure. Of course, they did really great!!

As you all know I'm a poor teacher so we had to do these houses on a budget. Instead of the traditional gingerbread we used graham crackers.
I know I know, thats totally not as much fun as the real deal. I caught alot of flack from the other teachers but you have to understand I am NOT a baker at all!!! Plus balancing all of my other work plus that just wasn't going to work. So in my opinion if you wanna cheat a little cheat!!

The crackers worked great because if they broke we had plenty of back up right then and there! I did however make all of the icing homemade!! Which was an adventure in itself!! I had to find time in my conference or lunch to make it so it would be fresh for that day. The icing recipe is simple though:

2 jumbo egg whites
2 2/3  cups powdered sugar

Combine 1 1/3 cup sugar with the egg whites. Stir until smooth. Add remaining 1 1/3 cup and beat on high until icing stands in peaks.

Pretty simple just a little messy :)

I would also tweak the recipe to make bigger batches for more people so adjust how you feel best.

It was definetly a fun experience and every student coming up can't wait to be in my class just to make them :o

So for everyone out there be a little adventure and just do it! :)

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