Out of the Loop

I've been completely out of the loop lately. For anyone who doesn't know being a teacher from Thanksgiving to Christmas break is horrible hard work!!

Its non-stop go go go!! Between lessons, grades, Christmas programs, parties and the insane sugar HIGHS there's hardly time for anything else!!

Thankfully I can see a light at the end of the tunnel!

Christmas break officially starts at 1:00pm today!


Am I a completely horrible teacher because I'm pratically salivating for a break??

Oh well, I love my students but it has been non-stop madness here! We've made gingerbread houses (pics coming later), sang beautifully in the Christmas program and partied our little hearts out!! So its time for all of us to recover :)

I'll post lots of pics of our fun soon, promise!!

For my break I will be painting, un-packing (yes I know I'm a slacker ;) and nesting. Hopefully I will finally be making my little house my home.

Stay tuned!!

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