Great Start!!

I'm so excited to report I finally started my food adventure successfully!!
It started with a venture to H.E.B. to stock up on food. Anyone in this area should know that H.E.B. has the best produce EVER!! Although I made it a very quick trip to get back to Imperial for an gathering :)

I do have to admit I didn't toss all my old habits out. I know just by knowing myself that if I strip myself of everything I'll be dooming myself right away! Some personal tips when hitting the grocery aisles:

*Remember your favs (chips, ice cream, pop corn etc.) but look for low calorie options

*Try to stock up on your favorite veggies...studies have shown that starting meals with vegetables will help you to feel more full and eat less.

*If you are busy and on the go check out the freezer section for good low cal meals (I like Lean I can get pizza without the hassle of making it myself)

*When eating and snacking remember portions, PORTIONS, PORTIONS

So today was my first offical attempt at my weight-loss goals. To help myself out I baked 3 chicken breasts on Sunday so I would have easy meals for lunch. I cut them and stored them in the fridge so I could use them on salads or make chicken salad mixtures.

My Monday meals:
Breakfast- 2 jalepeno & cheese kolaches (low fat of course)
Lunch- Salad with Chicken, cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes, cheese and french dressing
Supper: Slow cooked Italian Chicken & Zuchinni

I am super proud of myself! I'm just hoping this lasts because I usually start out strong but fade with time. (I also hafta brag because this was my first meal I've cooked in my new crockpot :)

My Monday workout:
Zumba for the wii-40 minutes

Another tip is try to drink lots of water!! Especially after working out.

Ok so I'm off to grade papers and get ready for day 2 of my food adventure :)

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