Cold, Cold, COLD

I would love to lie and say I have had alot goin on but mostly I've just been trying to stay warm!! For the past couple of days it has been in the teens!! Anyone who knows west Texas thisi isn't normal weather for us. Up until now it hasn't even dipped lower that the 40's. I could honestly kick evey person who complained about the 80 degree weather we were having in Dec. and Jan. REALLY?!?! It was amazing compared to this!! Seriously, late starts for school, frozen pipes ect.


On a lighter (less complaining) note. I have been obsessed with creating a new blog. I finally went out and found my own way to do it. I couln't wait anymore for outside help. I have a very cute start and I'm just trying to get everything worked out before I strip this one down. So I guess I should give warning I'll be under construction soon!!

My other latest obsession is making flower hair clips. I've always been a jewelry maker so I'm using my store of supplies and help from blogs I've been on a flower clip kick :) I am hoping to start my business up again and I've gotten positive feedback so here's some teasers tell me what you think.

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