So I've put my boredom to good use today :)

I woke feeling about 95% (still a lil blah but a way better than before)

So along with tidying up the house I have been researching online different teaching "things". I know that sounds silly. Most people think you went to school for teaching aren't you done? Well not quite.

Teaching changes just like any other profession. But one of the biggest lessons you learn in teaching is how to adapt to your students.

This can be kinda difficult because you get new students each year (duh!) but sometimes you might not get accustomed to them until halfway through the year. This is very true for me this year. I've learned a valuable lesson with my students....

If you call it fun it will be.

If I introduce any activity with "I've planned something fun" or "I've planned something special" the kids eat it up. It automatically puts them in the mindset to have a blast. Which helps the activity itself to be fun.

So getting back on topic....for those who don't know I teach 4th grade and a big change is coming :) I started out overwhelmed and nervous by it but now I'm excited and determined to be the best ________ teacher I can.

(Sorry can't tell ya til its official)

I will say today I got inspired by the Ooey Gooey Lady (Check her out she's hilarious) and I hope to somewhat be like her. I want to inspire and change the way my students feel about school.

We're going to get dirty, creative, excited, smarter and anything else we can get into! I know it can't make sense to most people but being a teacher is such a fufilling profession and its my goal to make myself the best for my kids :)

This video pretty much sums up my teaching philosophy 


  1. HI I'm your newest follower! I'm from Texas and I'm a teacher too, you can checkout my blog a alexcartersblog.blogspot.com

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. ;) Being a good teacher is important. My philosophy is all about Mr. Rogers - kids just really need our full attention... the learning comes natural when they know that you really care about them. ;)