Bore....du du du dummmm!!!

Well I'm spending my second day at home and I'm extremely bored!!!!

Let me start at the beginning. It all started Tuesday morning when I woke up feeling a lil crumy with some pain in my throat and glands. I didn't think much of it just took my vitamins and went on my merry way to school. I decided in my new healthy way to run with my best friend Tara. Everything seemed good except for me being totally out of shape :)

Then after the run I felt my morning symptoms come back. Still I didn't want to believe I was getting sick again! I spent last semester in and out of being sick every two weeks or so. And this far this semester nothing. That was until I woke Wednesday morning with an awful sore throat. I still believed it was nothing else because besides feeling a little tired I felt fine. So hoping after a good night sleep I would feel back to normal.

Then I woke Thursday morning feeling like total $h!T!!! So I took my first day off from school (which by the way having a subbing one of the scariest most confusing things ever!!).

I headed to Odessa to the doctor to fix my sickness. That is until I got there to find out I have...du du dunnnn


I've never had it before and let me tell you I hope I never do. Not being able to swallow and the constant pain is very irratating but it also makes you tired and blah.

So now I'm on my second (mandatory) day off from school and I'm soo bored. Sickness and I don't mix...I'm not very good at just laying around. I know I should be grateful for the 2 days off but really I just wanna be back in my classroom!!

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