Better Late Than Never!!!

So I recently stumbled on The Clutter Free Classroom. I have decided to link up with the new challenge.

I pride myself on being an organization freak, however it seems like when the school week gets going I can never keep my classroom clutter free. So this challenge is perfect for me!!

I've decided to tackle my desk and cabinets, basically the space that is my domain in the room.
Here are some before pictures (which I feel slightly guilty because I tried to clean them up earlier today because we start back tomorrow...but they still need ALOT of work)

Also I'd like to focus on this cabinet. When I moved (in the middle of last semester :/) I just threw everything in it to get it out of my way!! I would LOVE for it to be a more managable and useful space.

Week 1 Challenge: Take Pictures ^

Week 1 Prompt:
What were your thoughts when you took your before pictures? Was your "current state of affairs" better or worse than you thought. What are you most excited about tackling?

My thoughts were EEK! I'm gonna show that off?? I need to focus more energy and time getting my space organized. My desk area is not as bad as it has been before but there is tons of room for improvement!! I'm excited about tackling my desk because I can't wait for a sound peace of mind when I sit at my desk so I can be ready for anything!!!
1/4/12-Question of the Day: Do you have an item in your classroom that you anticipate will be challenging to purge, but yet you realize it's just taking up valuable space?

Hmmm you know I'm not actually sure there is an item. My biggest "item" will be every little thing because I'm a hopeless pack rat! Ever so often I get get fed up and trash alot of things but I buy new things that I don't use but can't make myself part with!!

My weekly challenge: Develop a plan for decluttering your space and compose a list of "non-negotiable must purge" rules.

So I'm off to plan on gulp purging my space!!

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