Brain Break

Balancing the stress of two grades is ALOT of work!!!

I constantly feel guilty for the students because I push them so hard during the day. I've seen and heard the idea of brain breaks but I was always scared I'd have a hard time getting the students back on task. But with our busy busy BUSY schedule I think they will be perfect for my kiddos!!

I compiled a list of breaks that I felt would benefit my students:
1. 10 jumping jacks
2. Dance break (my kids LOVE dancing!!)
3. Brain Teaser
4. Trivia Question
5. Act like a ____________ (animal)
6. Act like a _____________ (profession, exp. farmer, teacher etc.)
7. Partner up and make a the letter ________
8. Lightning round Rock, Paper, Scissors
9. Mental Math
10. Lightning round Bear, Man, Gun
11. Random question

I tried to come up with a variation of movment and thinking activities.
My plan is to offer stickers for the best actors and also for the right answers of the all the questions.

Then I wrote each on a popsicle stick.
I attached these cute pom poms ^ I got from Target in the dollar bin. They don't have a real function just to know which side goes up and to make them cute :*)

Then to continue the the preparation I compiled the questions I need. I wrote them on index cards so they would be ready whenever the specific stick was pulled.
Then I organized them ^ so they would be easy to find. (Thinking ahead for subs and my sanity :P)

I can't wait to use them in class. I think the kids will really appreciate the breaks!!


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