Now normally I don't do resolutions...ok that's a lie. I do try to make goals for myself but I very rarely take them seriously. This year I've been thinking about what I was going to do for awhile. I know I'm slightly late in putting them down in words but I have honestly been thinking about them for weeks. So instead of resolutions on how I'm going to make 2012 the best possible I decided to reflect on the past year. I wanted to find the good and the bad then make goals to change these things. I don't want to repeat the same year I want to make each upcoming year better and better!! Soooo here they are:
That ^^ is my handwritten copy (I love different colors to organize myself) so I can always have it with me to stay accountable.

My Job: 
Reflection-My frustration with 2 grades, I have NO TIME and it feels impossible to get everything accomplished.
Letting laziness creep in and not devoting the little time there is to things I should.
My unchanging LOVE for my kiddos and my teaching them.
All the drama of everyone else!!!
Spend more time planning and preparing.
Letting people help me when I can.
Don't allow what people say affect my work!

My Love Life:
Reflection-Break up and finding the wrong guy over and over!!
Looking and searching in the WRONG places.
Falling back into the same patterns with guys.
Be happy being alone.
Devote myself to things that make me happy and be myself.
Remember God is preparing him and he will come when we are both ready!!
My Health:
Reflection-Alot of unhealthy eating.
Weight gain and weight loss and not staying with one way for long.
No exercise.

Resolution-GET MY FIT ON
Eat better, work out
Don't focus everything on just losing weight!!
Find a work out routine that won't kill me but don't be LAZY!!

My Money:
Reflection-Spending just to spend
No saving
Paid bills off
Having nothing paycheck from paycheck

Resolution-WATCH IT
Pay attention to what I spend and why
If I don't need it I don't get it
Focus on saving and getting credit up
Plan so that my money will last ALL month!!

My Happy:
Reflection-Focused on the negatives
Was NOT being myself
Caught up in the drama 
Focused on the wrong things i.e. boys, others opinions

Resolution-BE HAPPY
Remember despite everything I'm truly blessed!!
Don't let others opinions get to me
Focus myself on being happy and doing what makes ME happy
Surround myself with those who care and have my happiness in mind

My Music:
Reflection-Came a looooong way with the guitar
Not enough practice time
No songs at all
Resolution-PLAY ON
Practice more-EVERYDAY!!
Try to find inspirations to write more
Play more publicly, don't be afraid to put myself out there!!

Whew!! :) I was not one of those people saying how horrible 2011 was. It wasn't horrible to me but it was not all bad. The biggest thing I learned was to be myself and strive to be a better me. With that I think I go far.

So with that Happy 2012 I hope it is the best year yet!!


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