Crappy to Cute

Ok this is a first for me....two posts in one day!!
Its amazing I know. But I've spent the whole day devoting myself to my classroom I just had to post more about it.

I recently decided to turn this
Into this
So cute right? I had a few of these little boxes in my classroom and scored even more in my aides classroom. They're such a handy thing for the kids notebooks but lets face it the before was UG-A-LEEE!!
So inspired by pinterest I decided to Mod Podge my favorite wrapping paper on the box to make it a cute addition to my classroom.

Here is my tutorial:

 My super cute paper ^ from Target

Here are my supplies: Mod Podge (this was my first time using it...LOVE it)
sponge brush
wrapping paper
paper plate

My process:

I started by cutting the paper to fit the box. Then taping ^ it to the back.

Then I cut ^ the top excess off. I left a little on the top and bottom so I could wrap it in hopes this would add to the longevity!!

Then comes my new love ^ MOD PODGE(:
*sidenote the first box I did I used a small sponge brush because I just wasn't sure about the podge ;) but this time I was a believer so I poured it on a plate and used a big ole brush!!

Next I start coating the box ^ and wrapping the paper around one face at a time.

More wrapping ^ be sure to smooth the best you can but don't freak yourself out by bubbles they will be covered later

After I wrapped the box I focus on the bottom and top ^ wrapping the paper over and securing it with more podge(:

When all is wrapped I start schlopping it on the outside ^ of course ocd/anal me doesn't exactly schlop but I do like to get it done quickly

I let the first coat dry then apply 3 more coats. I know sounds crazy but I'm hoping they will last in a classroom full of kids :o so I need want all the strength I can get.


My finished project. SOO CUTE I'm so proud and can't wait to make more. I even bought more wrapping paper from the Target dollar bin (my favorite spot:) to add some color and fun!!

It was super easy and quick and who doesn't love the handmade things around?!?!

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