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Oh my, its been a looooooong week. I'll try not to bore you with the very stressful details but I'll just say I've been a ball or stress in motion :/.

But I'm trying to stay afloat with the Clutter-Free Classroom Project to reorganize my classroom.

Clutter-Free Classroom

My challenge was start purging my classroom of clutter. (Eek!!!) While answering these questions:
What do you plan to do with your "stuff" you don't want?

Well I'm a keeper (no pun intended :) so I save everyTHING!! Just in case I need it someday. Lucky for me I'm a new teacher so I don't have alot of stuff.
So I made three piles
KEEP         GIVE         TRASH

What are your rules for purging?

1. Go through EVERYTHING!!
2. With each item way the importance and frequency of use.
3. If its important and used often you may keep it. If its not important and never used throw it out. If its important but you don't use it give it away.

I think these are the basic rules most people use. However, for me like I said there isn't much there. For the most part its sorting through everything and finding the right place for it. Also, its about clearing the things I don't use and never will. Its one of those learning things as a new teacher but I'm getting there!!!

What have you gathered to make your decluttering task easier?

Uh oh, now you've caught me!! I didn't gather much. I do use plain wash tubs in my classroom for various things. I have put them to use with my decluttering project.

This ^ doesn't give the best example but I've removed clutter and now I'm using the tubs to hold things through my hectic weeks that pile up. Only one has a definite purpose right now. Its full of to be piled papers (story of my life everything needs to be filed!!)

This picture ^ is just some proof of my progress.
Since I know most of what looms in front of me is filing and finding a proper system and place for everything. I cleared out my filing cabinets. These are the stacks of 4th grade materials and Pre-K/Kinder materials I want to keep. Yes I did go through them to sort out what was necessary to keep and trash. (Should have taken a picture of the trash can its full!! :o )

Next thing on the list of the project is start purging!! Think I've already got that started...YAY!! But I have alot more to go and if this week is as busy as last week I'm glad I got a head start!!

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