Break Time

So I've been spening the week working my little tail off!! So today I've decided to take a little break. Of course being the ADD woman that I am I couldn't just sit around. Sooo my creative juices got flowing to create a glamour rag.
I got the idea from Giddy Up Glamour (my most FAVORITEST shopping boutique in the whole wide WORLD!!!!)
See here is an example of theirs:

For some reason all the sudden I was REALLY really really really wanting one. So when I went online to check them out I didn't find any I was insanely in love with.

I know if I wanted one SO much it doesn't make sense right?
Welcome to my world!!
I just couldn't pay that much money for something I wasn't SURE I wanted. So I dug through my scrap fabric and jewelry and decided to create my own!!

The finished ^ product!!

Me ^ styling my new rag!!

I think its totally cute!! It'll be perfect for the spring and summer when I'm out and about and my hairs lookin a mess fabulous (ha!). I don't think this will be the only one I create. I can't wait to get out on the river and rock it!!

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