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In case you didn't notice I've finally updated my blog thanks to the girls at Shabby Blogs!! Isn't it SO cute? I'm in LOVE(:

My blog isn't the only new thing going on...

I've been working hard and heavy to ready myself for school next week. I've accomplised my own reader's notebook, 3 wks of lesson plans for 5th & 6th grade (not easy), and have began developing a game to help my students with English. Yes I'm certainly challenging myself. I was inspired by something I found on pinterest (of course!!). This blog

had the best Candy Land games geared toward learning. I was pysched to find them!! Then bummed when I found they were for the younger ages and wouldn't really work in my class. But I'm still a follower cause you never know where inspiration will strike you!! 

It struck me :)

It was simple transform Candy Land into what I needed. First I bought a game from my local Wal-Mart. And I must say whoa!!

Now yes I haven't played Candy Land in many many many many years but wow it's changed!!

Even the ^ cute little gingerbread men ^ are different :/
I know not a big deal and it probably makes the kids love it more but it sure threw me.

Ok focus
Then I started developing questions on just what I wanted for my game. I decided this game wouldn't take the place of a lesson but just enhance the learning of the students english skills. I wanted to hit parts of speech and conventions like capitalization, abbreviations, etc. To make it work with the game I decided the question would be on the blank side of the card and the answer on the side with the color squares.
See ^^
I have simple questions like above:
What is a noun?
and sentences where the students will name the underlined word:
Carl and Abbey walked down the filthy hallway.
and sentences that need correcting:
Susan is eagerly awaiting her trip to london england.

The students must answer correctly then they may move the spaces on the card. So simple but I know the kids will enjoy and they'll be learning and sharpening their english skills (sneaky sneaky;)

I must get back to my planning!!

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